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SPATIALnet/Power Selected by IREA

SPATIALinfo, a supplier of network and spatial information solutions, and its new client, Intermountain Rural Electric Association, (IREA), one of the largest electrical cooperatives, has announced an agreement between the two organizations. A series of reviews and deep analysis was conducted by IREA, comparing various software and offerings to the solution provided by SPATIALinfo. This agreement includes the utilization of SPATIALnet/Power as the replacement to the previous use of GenMap in the IREA operation.

“We were impressed with capabilities demonstrated in the product as well as the deep technical knowledge of the power and electrical vertical by SPATIALinfo,” said Dick Prahl, Director of Consumer Engineering of IREA. “There are substantial features with the SPATIALnet/Power software that enables us to achieve dramatic efficiencies, enhance operations as well replace the GenMap applications with out any interruption in our day to day processes. In fact, with the new capabilities that exist out of the box, we will enjoy easy migration, seamless mapping as well as much more efficient map production. Our process for producing work prints and staking sheets will be substantially improved with the built–in capabilities of the software. An even more dramatic measure was the ability to immediately report on the data collected. This represents orders of magnitude of improvement in the ability for us now to report on this data to our customers in an accurate and timely fashion.”