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SPATIALnet Supports Oracle 9i Spatial

SPATIALinfo, a supplier of network and spatial information solutions has announced successful implementation of its network management software SPATIALnet, running on Oracletm Spatial 9i, the spatially extended version of Oracle 9i from Oracle Corporation, the supplier of relational database technology.

Oracle 9i Spatial provides an open, accessible, high performance spatial database platform, suitable for integration with spatial and aspatial applications. This extends the many benefits of SPATIALnet by enabling direct and immediate reading and writing of data stored by many other GIS tools, and by making SPATIALnet’s data accessible to other tools. SPATIALinfo has already demonstrated seamless real-time integration with Autodesk Map Advanced Oracle Extension and with the Autodesktm Mapguidetm Open GIS consortium compliant Spatial Data Provider.

SPATIALnet is a comprehensive application for capturing, editing and displaying outside plant and inside plant networks, modeled and stored in a relational database. SPATIALnet contains a configurable set of data entry business rules, to store all graphics, connectivity and attributes in Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server as a single, continuous and fully connected network model, and to publish and report real-time status. Companion products include SPATIALweb, SPATIALmover and SPATIALmodeler.