Spatially correct freehand drawn maps

Spatially correct freehand drawn maps


Toronto, Canada: Mapmobility has just finished developing a massive database that records with high accuracy every detail within Golden Horseshoe along with a stylisation yet to be replicated in North America. It took three years of research and development for Mapmobility to make freehand drawn maps spatially correct and digitally available.

Currently a selection of maps is available on “Our maps are complicated in their production and detail but simplistic to the reader. Colour coding areas and using universal symbols among other things allows the reader to gain information intuitively,” said Gord Woit, president of Mapmobility.

Now the producer of the MapArt brand of print maps, known for being the most up-to-date products in the industry, have crossed over into the digital world. Thirty years ago, it had developed a map for the Toronto Real Estate Board that used a superior European style of cartography known for its visual cues and colours. Three decades later, the same company has announced another innovative product.

Before even hitting the mass market, the company’s style has already won an Award of Excellence from GIS software provider ESRI for its sophisticated mapping ability.

Source: Mapmobility