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SPATIALinfo introduces SPATIALnet/Power

September 6, 2002 – SPATIALinfo, has announced the introduction of SPATIALnet/Power, a solution for the users of Autodesk GenMap.

SPATIALnet/Power will enable users to manager their electric power networks in a modern, cost effective product. SPATIALnet has a sophisticated electric power data model that provides seamless mapping, version control and long transaction management as integrated product features. Users continue to operate in a familiar AutoCAD front end while storing all graphics and attribute data in a relational database (SQL Server or Oracle).

In order to maintain the core functionality for GenMap customers, SPATIALinfo will provide an out-of-the-box pre-packaged solution. In addition, SPATIALweb, built on top of AutoDesk MapGuide, will also greatly enhance the capabilities of distributing needed information throughout an organization by providing a direct web interface to the database.