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SpatialGenie set to promote GIS in Australian schools

Australia: The Education Services Australia (ESA) launched SpatialGenie, an online education system to promote GIS in Australian schools. It is available for free use at https://www.spatialgenie.edu.au/spatialgenie/

About SpatialGenie, Malcolm McInerney, Chair of the Australian Geography Teachers’ Association (AGTA), said, “ESA has morphed out of The Learning Federation, Curriculum Corporation and EDNA as the resource development arm of the Australian Curriculum initiative. The development of Spatial Genie by ESA is important because for the first time the education system in Australia, via ESA, has invested in the development and promotion of GIS in schools in a practical way.”

McInerney added, “Irrespective of some of the platform problems, this development is especially important for the geographer wishing to use GIS in their classroom because of the data access function of the product. ESA has worked hard at acquiring data from government and private providers for use in SpatialGenie. Such a data bank acquired by a government organisation such as ESA is just what Australian geographers have been looking for to make data access, storage and configuration on a national scale a reality. In time Spatial genie will also have data associated student activities and support materials integrated into the site.”

Source: Spatialwords