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Spatial Technologies introduces dynamic maps for Nigerian market

Nigeria, 26 December 2006 – Spatial Technologies Limited (STL) has announced the release of innovative dynamic maps into the Nigerian market to assist telecommunication companies in monitoring their network status better and faster.

The deployment of this new spatial technology will greatly assist telecommunication companies to quickly identify areas that are suffering from low network quality such as high drop call rates, congestion rates, Busy Hour Availability rate, etc.

The dynamic maps are usually produced as reports from the content of the switching huge databases using a new breed of intelligent reporting tool based on maps. The use of these dynamic maps provides a dramatic improvement over the traditional row-column formats used at the NMC (Network Monitoring Centers) by most telecom companies.

The dynamic maps will reduce the workload of the average monitoring engineer by more than 50% and increase efficiency by more than 60%. The use of the maps will also help marketing and sales executives to make informed business decisions regarding the identification of geographic areas in their network that represent the ‘high yield’ areas, and areas where their company is losing money to high congestion, and drop call rates.

Mr. Anthony Lawrence, Business Development Manager at STL said that the use of these specialized maps will bridge the knowledge gap between the engineers and the non-technical executives especially in the way that network status is reported and understood as even non-technical executives are now empowered by these maps to associate places with technical details and depend less on the engineers to produce summary reports.

– About Spatial Technologies Ltd
STL is Nigeria-based GIS and mapping solution provider. It specializes in developing geospatial databases for the Nigerian market. It has extensive experience in collecting and processing data from geographic information sources as digitized maps, satellite imageries and aerial data. For more info visit: www.spatialtechnologiesltd.com