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Spatial Network Solutions releases NuMap 2.0

Missouri, USA, 17 July 2006: NuMap 2.0 is now available and features a MultiSpeak v3.0 interface to Milsoft’s WindMil engineering analysis product, plus a configurable numbering module used to generate custom facility ID/location numbers.

Spatial Network Solutions’ NuMap brings AutoCAD’s drafting tools and engineering accuracy to the small and mid sized utility mapping space. NuMap is an automated mapping and facilities management system built on the 2007 releases of AutoCAD and Autodesk Map 3D.

This product provides a utility context and excellent mapping tools on this platform. Functionality includes: electric network connectivity management, data integrity verification, context sensitive data entry and domain specific queries.

NuMap is the replacement for GenMap and was created for mapping professionals, utility designers and engineers whose needs are closely aligned with digital representations of their distribution system.