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Spatial Insights to offer housing development data

Bethesda, MD, May 8, 2009 – Spatial Insights has partnered with DataMap Intelligence to offer two new advanced information-tracking applications, DataMap STREETS and DataMap MAPS, which will keep users abreast with each and every new emerging residential development across the United States and Canada.

DataMap STREETS is a real-time tracking solution that catches every new street as it comes into creation, allowing geographic data collectors to bypass the typical indexing lag inherent in other mapping technologies.

Updated bimonthly, DataMap STREETS includes developer data and street center lines with address ranges, centroid points for rooftop geocoding, the development boundary, latitude/longitude coordinates of the development entrance and MSA location. Parcel attributes cover the ID, area, perimeter and acreage of each parcel. Details about the community include name of developer, year built, home type, average number, square footage, and sales price of homes in the development.

DataMap MAPS provides the most up-to-date, accurate representation of the detailed road network across the United States and Canada. DataMap MAPS digital map data offer accuracy and detail not available elsewhere and will include virtually every street throughout North America. Simply put, DataMap MAPS is a digital mapping solution which will include street centerlines of every street, an added benefit over what is currently available via Tele Atlas or Navteq.

DataMap STREETS and MAPS are available in most commonly used GIS formats and in the map projection of choice. Product information, including samples, is available at: