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Spatial Energy joins Google Enterprise Professional programme

Colorado, USA, 2 October 2006: Spatial Energy, a content-based service and information company based in USA, announced on October 2 that it has joined the Google Enterprise Professional programme as a Google Earth Specialist. The programme complements Google enterprise geospatial solutions and helps customers derive more value from their Google Earth Enterprise deployments.

The Google Enterprise Professional programme includes developers, consultants and independent software vendors that provide value-added services for Google enterprise products.

Bud Pope, President of Spatial Energy commented, “The Google Enterprise Professional programme enables us to provide Google Earth Enterprise solutions to users in the global oil and gas industry. Google Earth Enterprise integrates a client’s proprietary data with our satellite imagery and aerial photography to deliver uniquely customized 3D geospatial databases direct to the desktop. Spatial Energy offers complete data and software solutions with the ability to access all information from a single, intuitive interface, thereby further enhancing the workflow across the oilfield enterprise. With expertise across the spectrum of geospatial technologies, Spatial Energy delivers the benefits of Google’s innovative geospatial products with the integration, customization and support required by oil and gas customers.”

“The Energy Sector is a key growth market for Google Earth Enterprise products. Spatial Energy is well established within this market, which will benefit both existing and new customers. Google is excited to have Spatial Energy as a partner in the Google Enterprise Professional programme,” said Kevin Smith, programme manager for Google Enterprise Professional.

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For information on Google Earth Enterprise visit: https://earth.google.com/earth_enterprise.html

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Spatial Energy is the Boulder (Colorado) based provider of custom high-resolution satellite imagery and aerial photography solutions for the worldwide oil and gas industry. Spatial Energy delivers content and provides custom integrated solutions for the Google Earth and ESRI environments.