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Spatial Dimension releases FlexiCadastre V4.0

South Africa: Spatial Dimension released FlexiCadastre V4.0, a mineral rights management solution. FlexiCadastre products use a business rule and workflow-centric approach to facilitate the efficient administration of mineral rights and contracts in multiple global jurisdictions. Using a web portal, they offer services like data management and reporting, advanced task management and configurable business logic.

FlexiCadastre V4.0 has come up with several new features. In terms of business rules, some of the new features include:
• Uses of map references or configurable license dates or a host of new business attributes when establishing business rules for workflows.
• Calculation of payment amounts based on the area of any shape available from an Action. e.g. a Renewal fee based on the Added area of a Renewal Action.
• Enhancement of workflow opportunities with the ability to trigger business rules on the creation of new agreements. Similarly, shape change actions and shape validation actions can now be triggered from agreements.

Some of the new features in licenses include:
• Compliments standard date fields for application, granting, renewal, expiry and pegging, as well as action dates. Additional configurable date fields are also available to further enhance the management of users’ license. These date fields are customised for each client to cater for any type of dates such as survey date, purchase date, termination date and so on. Control the names of the dates, where they appear and use them as attributes in business rules.
• Include shapes on conditions. Use buffers to model and map areas of interest around licenses and other spatial conditions such as environmental rehabilitation zones and sensitive heritage sites. Also, increase the power of Conditions by searching for licenses containing a specific Condition type or description.

Some of the new features in performance include:
• Harness the power of the completely re-written Template Report Engine to boost performance on template reports.
• Large search results now return a preview of the first 1000 results which allows users to quickly view their data and then refine their search appropriately. The full result set is available at the click of your mouse.
• Selecting records from the results of a search is now easier due to menu options which allow users to select/deselect all records or only records on that page.

One can know more about these features at What’s New Document.

Source: Spatial Dimension