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Spatial data firm contributes to Hollywood

EarthData Solutions, LLC announced that Twentieth Century Fox utilized 3D city models of Manhattan and Los Angeles in their big-budget film “The Day After Tomorrow,” released last Friday in major cities nationwide. The models, highly detailed and accurate to within one meter of each city’s actual physical dimensions, were originally licensed by Twentieth Century Fox for pre-visualization prior to on-location filming. “The models were so incredibly accurate that we used them beyond pre-visualization,” explains Twentieth Century Fox’s Visual Effects Supervisor Karen Goulekas. “EarthData Solutions’ 3D models became the basis for many of the special effects surrounding the Manhattan and L.A. scenes.”

Adam Cohen, founder of EarthData Solutions, credits the realism of the urban models with their origin — aerial photography that was mathematically corrected to extract geographic features in their precise geographic locations on the Earth’s surface. Cohen explains that the development of the Manhattan and L.A. urban models took over a year and involved the efforts of cartographers, computer scientists, and experts in visualization techniques. EarthData Solutions’ urban 3D models have been used in other films, including Sony Picture Imageworks’ `Spiderman.’

EarthData Solutions LLC is a provider of web-based, spatial information management (SIM) solutions. The company is a member of the EarthData group of companies, an airborne data collection, mapping, and GIS services organization that provides clients with customized products, services, and GIS applications to support a wide range of land-use, resource management, and engineering activities.