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‘Spatial awareness makes airport maintenance easier’

South Africa: Spatial awareness gained by GIS improved nearly every part of the business, from infrastructure development through maintenance and engineering to commercial endeavours, observed Airports Company of South Africa.

Marzaan Henry, Airports Company SA’s national Head of Technical Services, explained, “An airport is like a municipality in miniature; it contains nearly every discipline and activity. When we first looked at GIS we simply wanted to stop duplicating information and get everything into one central repository so we could manage it effectively. But soon I realised that GIS is a powerful business intelligence tool that can provide benefits to the entire business. It made life easier for the executive who has to make decisions about airport development.”

“Our senior civil engineer at King Shaka International Airport is responsible for all the national and international airports around the country. Through the GIS he gets all the information he needs about those airports at his fingertips and can answer questions quickly. With GIS things happen faster.”

The success of GIS at Airports Company SA is partly attributable to the approach and expertise of the Aspire Solutions team, Henry added. Mike Steyn, Director of Aspire Solutions, observed, “It is amazing how often GIS can help with a business problem. That is how the system has grown at Airports Company SA, as they have identified opportunities to solve business problems using spatial information. It is part of my role to provide tools the business can actually use to help achieve its objectives, and GIS is just such a tool.”

Source: www.itnewsafrica.com