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Spatial analysis software for free download in Mexico

The Geospatial Analysis Laboratory of the Institute of Geography of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (in spanish UNAM) has made three spatial analysis software freely available to the public, developed by Dr. Jean-François Parrot of the Institute of Geography. These are TLALOC (Local Operating Dimensional Landscape Analysis Computation), FROG (Fractal On Geosciences Research) and DEMONIO (Digital Elevation Model Interpolating Obtained by Numerical Operations).

TLALOC can simulate processes such as landslides, tsunamis, earthquakes and flooding. FROG allows to study the evolution of phenomena that recur at different scales, called fractal dimension, and has been used to analyze the growth of Mexico City. Meanwhile, with DEMONIO it is possible to generate three-dimensional models of the Earth”s surface.

Dr. Jean-François Parrot said that these technological developments represent a major effort to promote geographic research in Mexico, because “it is better to have an own bike, than depending on the neighbor”s car.” This refers to how expensive it is to purchase licenses for the use of such programs which are manufactured by foreign companies. Jean-Franciois Parrot considered that by making publicly and freely available their creations he offers a gift to the geographic community with the confidence that these applications will be useful to society. These software is available for free download from the new website of the Geospatial Analysis Laboratory.

You may also find other research and technological developments in this section of the Institute of Geography. Webpage address is: https://www.igg.unam.mx/sigg/investigacion/lage/quienes.php.

Source: GSDI