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SparkCognition partners with Informatica to enable customers to operationalize AI

US: SparkCognition, a leading AI company, announced a partnership with enterprise cloud data management company, Informatica, to transform the data science process for companies. By combining Informatica’s data management capabilities with SparkCognition’s AI-powered data science automation platform, Darwin™, users will benefit from an integrated end-to-end environment where they can gather and manage their data, create a custom and highly-accurate model based off of that data, and deploy the model to inform business decisions.

“There has never been a more critical time to leverage the power of data and today’s leading businesses recognize that data not only enables them to stay afloat, but provides them with the competitive edge necessary to innovate within their industries,” said Ronen Schwartz, EVP, global technical and ecosystem strategy and operations at Informatica. “Together with SparkCognition, we are helping users tackle some of the most labor and time-intensive aspects of data science in a user-friendly fashion that allows users of all skill levels to quickly solve their toughest business problems.”

Informatica is the leading data integration and data management company, which offers users the ability to collect their data from even the most fragmented sources across hybrid enterprises, discover data, then clean and prepare datasets to create and expand data model features. SparkCognition is the world’s leading industrial artificial intelligence company, and its Darwin data science automation platform accelerates the creation of end-to-end AI solutions to deliver business-wide outcomes. The partnership will allow users to seamlessly discover data, pull their data from virtually anywhere using Informatica’s data ingestion capabilities, then input the data into the Darwin platform. Through the new integration, users will streamline workflows and speed up the model building process to provide value to their business faster.

“At SparkCognition, we’re strong believers that this new decade will be dominated by model-driven enterprises–companies who have embraced and operationalized artificial intelligence,” said Dana Wright, Global Vice President of Sales at SparkCognition. “We recognize this shared mission with Informatica and are excited to announce our partnership to help companies solve their toughest business problems using artificial intelligence.”