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SpalshMaps develops washable, wearable maps

UK: SplashMaps is developing maps printed on waterproof, washable and wearable high-performance fabrics – so one could literally wear their map on their sleeve! The company is using a combination of Ordnance Survey and OpenStreetMap data and working to a scale of 1:40000.

The company can print scarves, shorts and sleeves. The lightweight and waterproof maps can be easily stashed in a pocket (if it’s a scarf!) and accessed. The maps can also be customised to suit the users needs – the scale, symbols or colour can be altered, and it could be centred on the region, or even the exact route.

SplashMaps intend to make all 15 of Britain’s national parks available by April, by which time users will be able to centre their map anywhere in the country.

Source: OS