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Spain digitising Madrid PGOU database

Madrid, Spain: The Governing Board chaired by Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon has approved a contract for 751,773 euros for the modernisation of GIS planning in Madrid for El Plan General de Ordenación Urbana (PGOU).

PGOU is an instrument of general planning, defined in building regulations in Spain as a basic tool for integrated management of the territory of one or more municipalities, according to Wikipedia.

This modernisation will allow citizens to get access to information about the latest development workrelated to roads, public facilities, green spaces and environment. The tool will help the city council, professionals, companies specialising in architecture and urbanism and other agencies.

The mayor pointed out that the work has been carried out according to the criteria of ISO 9001/2008 Quality Certification. “This new initiative is in addition to other projects that are shaping a technological platform for quality and is a respond to the growing demand for spatial data mapping and aerial photography,” he explained.

After completion of the restoration process of maps and aerial photographs and scanning, the document base Urbanism will be accessible through the Internet.

Source: europapress.es