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Space tech for socio-economic benefits

Istanbul, Turkey: “Space technology is integral to our development as a race on this planet,” stated Omer Anlagan, TUBITAK Vice President. He was addressing a gathering of participants from 26 nations during the inaugural of the UN/Turkey/ESA workshop on “Space Technology Applications For Socio-Economic Benefits”. This workshop is being held in Hotel Ramada Plaza, Istanbul from the 14th to 17th September 2010.

Anlagan further stressed the importance of international collaboration in all scientific activity. On behalf of the collaborating agencies involved in this workshop, Prof. Orhan Tastan, President, ISPRS also welcomed all the participants and explained the role of ISPRS in aiding the development of space based technologies around the world. In his keynote address, Prof. Tastan said, “I hope a culture can provide social checks and balances to correct for systemic distortions.”.

Douglas Comstock, Director for Innovative Partnerships, NASA highlighted the ubiquity of space technology with examples from everyday life. Addressing the participants, he urged them to submit projects and innovative ideas for collaborative work with NASA. The representative from UNOOSA – Hans Haubold, while giving a brief on the steps that led to this workshop, stated that the preparation had begun in 2008 as a result of the willingness of the Turkish government to host the event.
In the keynote session that followed, Prof. Stanley Morain, University of New Mexico, USA stressed the need to ‘socialise earth observation’ and said, “remote sensing always had social implications, but it took several decades to grow useful change detection datasets and translate the remote sensing lexicon into social science terms.” His message to the participants for optimising the usage of space technology for socio-economic benefits was “we need to be altruistic”.

Source: Our Correspondent