Space junk warning facility to come up in Australia

Space junk warning facility to come up in Australia


Australia: Electro Optic Systems (EOS) is working with US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin to build a new space object tracking facility in Australia. The network developed by EOS and Lockheed Martin is called Optical Space Services (OSS). The new space object tracking site will give satellite operators a clear picture of the debris that could damage their networks, and how they can avoid potential collision.

Sensors, lasers and optic systems will fuse together to allow OSS to hone-in on human-made objects orbiting the space. That data will then be quickly delivered to customers allowing them to maneuver satellites and prevent collisions. The system can also predict the paths of debris, giving operators advance warning of potential collisions.

Mark Valerio, Lockheed Martin vice president, believes, “The accuracy of our optical sensor network, combined with an ability to reschedule tracking operations according to commercial priorities, will provide a trusted source of critical space data to commercial and government operators.”

Source: Lockheed Martin