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Space Imaging to access and sell imagery from IKONOS satellite

Space Imaging has announced the establishment of European Space Imaging, the company’s newest commercial Regional Affiliate. As a Regional Affiliate, European Space Imaging will have the ability to collect and sell Earth imagery and related products from the IKONOS satellite. The headquarters as well as the receiving antenna and processing facility will be located in Munich, Germany. The contract was signed Oct. 16, 2002. Owned and operated by Space Imaging, IKONOS is the world’s first high-resolution commercial imaging satellite.

“European Space Imaging represents an important step in our business model. The capabilities of Space Imaging’s Regional Affiliate program and the IKONOS system are truly unique to this industry,” said John Copple, Space Imaging’s chief executive officer. “European demand for high-resolution satellite imagery comes from a diverse range of government and commercial clients. Because of this healthy market demand, I’m confident that this ground station will see a significant return on investment.”

Markets that will benefit from the quality, speed and accuracy of the IKONOS system include mapping, urban planning, telecommunications, national security, infrastructure planning, disaster assessment, agriculture and forestry.

The formation of European Space Imaging represents the latest step forward in the development of a global network of commercial independent companies dedicated to directly supplying high-resolution Earth imagery and geospatial products to customers around the world. Other Regional Affiliates include Space Imaging Middle East (Dubai), Space Imaging Eurasia (Ankara), Japan Space Imaging (Tokyo), Space Imaging Asia (Seoul), and Space Imaging Southeast Asia (Bangkok).