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Space Imaging sells ground station to Poland

Space Imaging, a US-based provider of Earth imagery and related services to commercial and government markets, recently announced that it has signed an agreement with the Satellite Center for Regional Operations (SCOR), a commercial arm of the Polish government located in Warsaw, Poland, to establish a ground station capable of tasking, collection, processing, exploitation, and archiving of high-resolution IKONOS satellite imagery data for the Polish Ministry of Defence. The ground station will be operated by SCOR with support from the Polish Military Property Agency and Techmex, a commercial computer and technology company in Poland. SCOR is expected to begin IKONOS satellite imaging operations within the next few months.

The Polish regional operations center (ROC) including the receiving antenna and processing facility will be located in Komorow, Poland. As IKONOS passes through a 4,600-km diameter communications circle centered on the ground station, SCOR will be able to autonomously task the IKONOS satellite and directly downlink imagery into a 5.4-meter receiving antenna. This provides Poland, one of the European Union’s newest members, with immediate access to high-quality satellite imagery.

Geospatial information derived from satellite imagery is ideal to meet many of the pressing agricultural and forestry mapping, infrastructure planning and zoning, urbanization, national security, and environmental issues confronting governments today. Other markets that will benefit from the superior image quality, metric accuracy, turnaround time, and collection capacity of the IKONOS system include, telecommunications, airport and harbor management, insurance and risk management, disaster assessment, humanitarian relief operations and agriculture.