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Space Imaging product to help Iraq’s renewal

Space Imaging announced that the U.S. State Department has selected its Geobook geographic information systems product for use by the Department’s Future of Iraq project. The working groups will use Geobook for planning for a better future for the Iraqi people in fields such as local government, repair of infrastructure, economic development, and environmental studies. Geobook is an unclassified Space Imaging geospatial product that provides a simple-to-use software program with a map-like interface that makes it intuitive to browse and store information on features such as facilities, pipelines, bridges, roads and other key civilian infrastructures. This infrastructure information is overlaid on Space Imaging’s commercial one-meter color map-accurate IKONOS satellite imagery.

The products will consist of CDs in stand-alone Windows-based software for ease of use. A Federal Assistant Grant Award from the State Department sponsored the purchase of the Geobooks.

Strictly designed for civilian use by Iraqi working groups, the current high-resolution satellite views of the selected cities can be studied from the Geobook’s integrated imagery and maps. All imagery and map data can be edited and augmented to assist civil authorities in the development, administration and, if necessary, the rebuilding of these major urban areas. This user-friendly program is similar to many systems used daily by city and urban planning departments around the world to map city and community infrastructure.