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Space Imaging ME bags Dubai Police 3D City model contract

Space Imaging Middle East (SIME) announced that it has been awarded a contract to generate a 3D City Model of Dubai for Dubai Police Command and Control Center. SIME’s aerial division, Sanborn ME, will be producing a 3D City Model for a Commend and Control Center.

Generated from aerial and satellite imagery, the model shows the different buildings in 3 dimensions as well as it depicts ground elevations. The 3D City Model is information rich and can include detailed data about landmarks, buildings and streets. The 3D City Model is endowed with tools to extract the needed information from the available data and can take live feed from cameras placed on top of monuments. Sanborn Me, SIME ‘s aerial division, is a joint venture between Sanborn Map Company and Space Imaging Middle East.

The 3D City Model will enable the Control and Commend Center to better visualize the prevailing situation in order to assess threats and vulnerabilities. The model provides a base map to put in place security and surveillance plans. Linked to the police Automated Vehicle Tracking, AVL system, this system will enable the dispatch center in the control room to accurately locate the police vehicles and give them instructions.

This system is part of a project that was awarded to Siemens, by which Siemens is contracted to equip the new Control and Command Center. Space Imaging Middle East has been subcontracted by Siemens to provide a critical part of the project involving imagery and a GIS system in the control room. The overall project entails consultancy, assembly and operation of hardware and programs, as well as training and support to the Dubai police staff. The project is expected to be completed within a period of 11 months and it will be conducted in 4 stages.