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Space Imaging introduces online order and delivery of NAVTECH® NAVSTREETS(tm)

Space Imaging, the world’s leading provider of earth imagery and related services to commercial and government markets, today announced the ability to purchase Navigation Technologies’ (NAVTECH®) NAVSTREETS(tm) data from Space Imaging’s CARTERRA(tm) Online service. Registered CARTERRA Online customers can now visit carterraonline.spaceimaging.com and choose from 49 pre-packaged U.S. states of NAVSTREETS, excluding Alaska. The map-accurate digital database includes streets, administrative boundaries and location information for destinations such as hospitals, fire stations and more. This is the first time NAVSTREETS has been made available for online purchase and delivery.

CARTERRA Online already offers customers a convenient vehicle to access and purchase multiple layers of GIS-ready imagery and data in three easy steps: define a location, select a product, and purchase and download directly to your computer. Starting immediately, customers can now purchase NAVSTREETS Standard data online. Prices range from $3,000 to $4,500 per state and multi-state discounts are available. In addition, a CARTERRA Online customer who purchases more than five medium-sized or larger pre-packaged states will receive remaining states free of charge. Customers may also upgrade to NAVSTREETS Premium data for an additional cost.

The 49 pre-packaged states NAVSTREETS datasets are a detailed, digital representation of the road networks in the United States that provides unparalleled accuracy and depth of attributes. NAVSTREETS map information is road tested for accuracy by a field force that drives thousands of miles of roadway every day to refresh and verify information. Differential GPS systems are used to collect real-time positional information about the roads, addresses and other cartographic features. The data contains streets, administrative boundaries and addresses. Each address record contains the street sign name, postal name, vanity name, aliases, 911 addressing and adopts local addressing customs such as prefixes and hyphens.