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Space geo-informatics center to be created at Samara Aerospace University

Russia, 5 December 2006 – The Samara State Aerospace University has won the contest for innovation programs under the “Education” national project.

The university rector, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Victor Soifer noted that one of the stages of this innovation project will be the construction of the biggest space data reception center in Samara – the motherland of manned cosmonautics.

At the first stage the center will be equipped with a universal reception station, acquiring data from 8 remote sensing satellites of the world leading operators, making the Samara center the biggest university space center in Russia and abroad.

Principle objectives of the center are to develop space information technologies for the economy of Samara Region, real-time geo-information support to the decision-making of local authorities, GIS services market expansion in Samara and Russia as a whole, training of specialists for the local companies.

In September 2006, as a result of an open contest ScanEx R&D Center won the contract for the delivery of the remote sensing data reception station to the would-be space geo-informatics center. Within the frames of the state contract ScanEx shall supply the universal small-size UniScan-24 ground station to Samara to receive space data from the following RS satellites: SPOT-4 (France), IRS-P5 and IRS-P6 (India), EROS-A (Israel), RADARSAT-1 (Canada), Monitor-E (Russia) and Terra/Aqua (the USA).

Space images at the spatial resolution from 1 km to 2 meters will enable to receive different geo-information end-products of high processing levels to resolve a variety of scientific, educational and practical tasks of the region development.

Although the Samara center is being created within the frameworks of the national education project, it will allow for resolving current urgent tasks of the region: creation and updating of regional spatial data infrastructure (computer database of maps); agricultural monitoring of Samara Region lands; creation and updating of cartographic database of the state land cadastre and real-estates cadastre of Samara Region and so on.

At the same time students and young scientists will undergo hands-on training at the Samara university center and will later on reman the leading enterprise of space-rocket industry – the Samara “TsSKB-Progress” Space-Rocket Center. The project of creating the geo-informatics center was supported by the Samara Region government, key-note industrial organizations and companies.

UniScan-24 ground station will be put into operation at the Samara Aerospace University this month.

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