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Southern Mapping partners with University of Pretoria

South Africa: Southern Mapping formed a partnership with the University of Pretoria’s Continuing Education division. The partnership aimed to develop a Quantun GIS Short Course at the University’s premises.

This short course will introduce Quantum GIS (QGIS) as an open source geographic information systems software package. The basic tools and functionality of the software will be demonstrated as well as a number of more advanced functions. Participants will get hands-on experience of the software in order to gain a clear and concise understanding of its usage.

This short course is open to all GIS professionals including technicians, technologists and managers that work in a GIS environment, or use GIS in their day-to- day operations. Other professionals in a range of disciplines may also find this course of value.

This course will allow participants to gain a better understanding of the functionality that Quantum GIS affords. Being an open source, and hence, free, the knowledge gained will be invaluable to users as well as others with vested interests i.e, associated companies and businesses. Open source GIS is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and Quantum GIS is one example of a range of alternatives.

One can download brochure here.

Source: Southern Mapping