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Southern Mapping Int., SpecTIR sign deal

South Africa: Southern Mapping International signed a long term exclusive technology partnership agreement with SpecTIR, a hyperspectral company based in Reno, USA.

“SpecTIR brings 20 years of international experience in airborne hyperspectral imaging and associated applications to our ever expanding portfolio of products, services and clients,” said Southern Mapping International CEO Peter Moir. “This agreement will allow us to provide a cutting edge technology solution for our global clients, encompassing mineral exploration (airborne and terrestrial drill core analyses), environmental monitoring and rehabilitation, precision farming, forestry, disaster management and water quality assessments to our client base.”

The agreement commences in October 2010 and is one of the first full range (VNIR and SWIR) hyperspectral offerings in the country. Applications which will be covered in the survey include mineral exploration in SADC, as well as mine rehabilitation and monitoring, acid mine drainage, soil analyses and water quality assessments.

“In our industry, it is important to continuously seek out new opportunities for technological partnerships, as it improves the service and technology offering, enabling faster, more efficient and accurate geospatial surveys to be conducted. Such a partnership is beneficial to all the partner companies involved and also our clients, as we are able to offer an exclusive service offering,” concluded Moir.

Source: mscom.co.za