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Southern Mapping gets ISO 9001-2008 certification

South Africa: Southern Mapping announced that the company has been recertified in February 2011 and acquired the status of ISO 9001-2008. The company specialises in aerial surveying, LiDAR, hyperspectral remote sensing, ortho-imagery, satellite imagery and GIS.

Wayne Sherriff, ISO consultant at ISO Quest, said, “The TUV rules in terms of the Quality Management System (QMS) are globally acknowledged and only companies who comply with best practice qualify for this grading. Through this recertification it is clear that, as a hi-tech aerial surveying company, Southern Mapping is sustaining their performance in word and deed.”

Peter Moir, Southern Mapping Chief Executive, said that the granting of the recertification will support the company to continue with its efforts to deliver assignments and leading edge best practices that meet the most stringent customer requirements. “However, this worldwide certification still does not give us control of the adverse climatic weather conditions that we have been, and still are experiencing throughout the African continent. As a consequence, this has an adverse effect on the delivery of our final product to the customer,” added Moir.

Source: Southern Mapping