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Southampton City Council awards street mapping contract to Yotta DCL

Oxford, UK, December 06, 2007: Southampton City Council (UK) has chosen mapping technology that converts highway survey results into a standard GIS format to help engineers to assess road conditions. The MARCHmap software from highway surveying company, Yotta DCL, will be used to extract survey data from the councils Pavement Management System (PMS); a computer system used to support management of programmed highway maintenance. The implementation of MARCHmap coincides with the Council’s change from its existing PMS to Yotta DCL’s MARCHpms.

“MARCHpms has a lot more going for it than our current pavement management system. It is much easier to use and we are able to use it as a standalone system if required,” says Will Bull, UKPMS (UK Pavement Management System) Officer, Southampton City Council.

“Our expectation is that MARCHpms will provide us with more accurate information and better BVPI diagnostics via its extensive drill down features,” he continues.

Southampton City Council has a total network length of 560km that will be loaded into MARCHpms; this includes all road classes from A to unclassified and all footways. Will Bull and his colleagues utilise the PMS daily for footway DVIs (detailed visual inspections), SCANNER (Surface Condition Assessment for the National Network of Roads), reflectograph and SCRIM (sideway-force coefficient routine investigation machine) data. Moreover, MARCHpms will make it easier for the Highways Department to generate maintenance schemes and defect reports using the data.