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South Sudan to establish GIS system

South Sudan: South Sudan is focusing on establishing GIS to help in mapping the communities and identify the problems affecting them to enable government act swiftly. Judith Omondi from UNDP said that the system helps in mapping in which the community identifies the problems affecting them in order to enable government action.

She added that Information Management Working Group (IMWG) has 31 members with its secretariat in the National Bureau of Statistics.

One of the IMWG’s more recent goals has been to come up with a process that helps identify issues with multiple datasets from sector and unverified datasets.

Members are reported to have agreed to start with water as a test case. They will then move to five major sectors including, health, education, water, food and returnees.

To that end, Water Information Management System (WIMS), the information management unit responsible for water data at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation is reported to have agreed in leading the process of how to validate water datasets in South Sudan through their on-going water inventory.

In IMWG quarterly update for July 2012, it says that the Government of South Sudan and the international community active in South Sudan face multiple challenges in collecting and managing adequate baseline information for planning purposes.

The government, non-governmental organisations and other state actors discussed during an occasion to mark GIS day under the theme “GIS for decision making and strategic planning for sustainable development.”

Source: Gurtong