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South Korea tests first 5G enabled autonomous bus

South Korea: An autonomous bus carrying passengers demonstrated self-driving technology by using 5G networks for the first time in Seoul. The bus has a three-level drive capability. This means it can run on its own on pre-defined routes. The bus doesn’t need any drivers but there is a driver’s seat that has been allocated. This is because at least one manpower is needed in case of any mishap.  

Vehicles and roads were connected using 5G network with various traffic signals. Vehicles and road facilities were connected with a 5G network to respond to various traffic signal information and unexpected situations on roads. The autonomous bus was able to recognize traffic signals, pedestrians and would also slow down or stop in case of any interruption.

It is estimated that about 2,000 buses and taxis would be connected with 5G technology which would allow the vehicles to send and receive data. SK Telecom created 5G structures for autonomous driving that would be applied to an ultra-precision map and established a monitoring system based on 5G and AI.