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South Korea launches observation satellite

South Korea: South Korea has successfully launched a satellite into space from its own soil for the first time, a point of national pride that came weeks after archrival North Korea accomplished a similar feat to the surprise of the world.

The South Korean rocket blasted off from a launch pad in the southwestern coastal village of Goheung. Science officials told cheering spectators minutes later that the rocket delivered an observational satellite into orbit.

The launch is a culmination of years of efforts by South Korea, Asia”s fourth-largest economy, to advance its space programme and cement its standing as a technology powerhouse whose semiconductors, smartphones and automobiles command global demand. North Korea”s long-range rocket programme, in contrast, has generated international fears that it is getting closer to developing nuclear missiles capable of striking the US.

South Korea”s success comes amid increased tension on the Korean Peninsula over North Korea”s threat to explode its third nuclear device. Pyongyang is angry over tough new international sanctions over its recent rocket launch and has accused its rivals of applying double standards toward the two Koreas” space programmes.

The satellite launched by Seoul is designed to analyse weather data, measure radiation in space, gauges distances on earth and test how effectively South Korean-made devices installed on the satellite operate in space. South Korean officials said it will help them develop more sophisticated satellites in the future.

Source: CBS News