South Derbyshire uses BlueSky Thermal Imagery

South Derbyshire uses BlueSky Thermal Imagery


Coalville, UK, December 11, 2007: BlueSky has created a map showing the heat loss from every property across South Derbyshire in the UK. Produced for South Derbyshire District Council, the map is the result of a night time aerial survey using special heat-seeking sensors. The colour-coded, digital temperature map will be used by the Council to target specific properties with high heat loss for energy efficiency advice and remedial action, tackle climate change with projects designed to reduce the district’s carbon footprint and meet government aims to reduce fuel poverty.

Through joint ventures with other Local Authorities and organisations South Derbyshire District Council hopes the thermal map will support projects to improve the provision of quality private sector housing, reduce energy inefficiency in the Council’s own housing stock and raise awareness of energy efficiency in the home.

“Decent, safe and affordable housing is one of our fundamental rights and therefore a high priority for the Council,” said Cllr Heather Wheeler, Leader of South Derbyshire District Council. She continued, “The additional intelligence afforded by the thermal map will assist with the effective targeting of resources and funds while raising the awareness of energy efficiency in the home”.

South Derbyshire District Council is already using the BlueSky data to target individual properties with relatively high levels of heat loss, and therefore potentially poor insulation, for provision of energy efficiency advice and remedial action. “By overlaying the thermal image within our GIS we can identify specific properties that may benefit from advice, monetary or practical support. In addition we hope to publish the data on our website so residents and businesses can see for themselves how efficient, or not, their property is,” said Denise Blyde, Private Sector Housing Manager. “The data will also help to support the roll out of our innovative Carbon Footprint Village project, attract visitors to the Local Authority Energy Partnership road-shows and be part of the Hi4EM; Housing Intelligence for the East Midlands mapping project.”