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South Australia to enhance LIS

Australia: The South Australian Government has entered into an eight-year agreement with Salmat, a call centre specialist, to deliver a land information management system within three years.
Salmat’s Integrated Land Information System (ILIS) was originally developed by the Northern Territory Government Department of Lands and Planning. The product was recently contracted to Salmat for commercialise sale and use as a web based, Torrens Title Land Information System.

ILIS provides a single system for land management, information gathering and the execution of the land transactions for governments and the public. It can also be used to identify and register land interest, deliver survey accurate geospatial data, record property usage and allow government guaranteed tenure.
ILIS can be linked to a data and image repository that provides satellite and aerial photography, cadastral data, lodgement or dealing images and specific information about services such as utilities and building permits.
Source: www.governmentnews.com.au