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South African CSIR to use Werum

Lueneburg, South Africa– The Satellite Application Centre of South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has ordered Werum’s remote sensing software DIMS-EO (Data and Information Management System for Earth Observation). This system controls processing workflows and manages, distributes and archives data and data products. It is the first time DIMS-EO will be taken into operation outside of Europe.

The CSIR has been recording and processing data from different satellites since the 1960s: The system gathers raw data and employs special software to transform them into digital data products, e.g. images of the earth’s surface or atmosphere. These data products are then made available to various South African institutions and agencies for use in a variety of applications, such as urban and traffic planning, environmental protection, disaster control, weather forecasts and agriculture.

Werum migrates legacy data onto the new system so that also the older records will still be available for future use. DIMS-EO takes full control of satellite data processing from start to finish: It receives raw data, processes them to generate finished data products, and then distributes these products and archives them for long-term storage.