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South Africa develops alternative of Google Earth

South Africa: Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, South Africa, developed the state-of-the-art GIS, SPISYS. Fanie Minnie, one of the developers of SPISYS, considers it as an alternative of Google Earth. 
SPISYS was developed to integrate diverse data, and to simplify and streamline a process that ordinarily takes months, into an instantaneous solutions platform.
Starting in April 2011, with a budget of ZAR 6 million (ZAR: South African rand), the two-year project is currently focused on photographing the Free State on half-metre resolution (Google Earth is typically 30 to 70 metres, peaking at around 20-metre resolution).
This cloud-based system will integrate data from as many as 15 sector departments of the country. It also will be accessible on cellphones.
Source: www.itweb.co.za