Home News SOPAC surveys Nadi and Ba basins using LiDAR tech

SOPAC surveys Nadi and Ba basins using LiDAR tech

Fiji: The Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s Applied Geoscience and Technology Division (SPC SOPAC) conducted a LiDAR-based airborne survey of the Nadi and Ba basins (in Fiji). The survey was funded by the World Bank. It is part of a continuing effort to lessen the effects of floods in disaster prone areas.

Litea Biukoto from SPC SOPAC’s Disaster Reduction Program said the high resolution topographical information was essential for producing detailed floodplain maps that could assist the National Disaster Management Office and other agencies when planning developments.

“We’ll be able to use the models to work out a range of measures to reduce the impacts of flooding that are specifically tailored to the Nadi and Ba catchments,” Biukoto said.

Eric Sage from Network Mapping, the company contracted to carry out the survey said mapping in the Nadi area had been completed with Ba to be completed by the end of the week.

“With LiDAR we can detect subtle features in the landscape like river terraces and channel banks, the amount and types of vegetation on slopes, building locations and heights, to name just a few things. It can penetrate tree canopies, so where an aerial or satellite photograph will only show you the tops of trees, LIDAR is able to tell us what is underneath,” Mr Sage said.

“LIDAR gives us the ability to capture all the physical features in a landscape and the sort of data needed to determine what factors influence flooding.”

Source: Fiji Times