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Soon, European citizens to get real time info on air quality

Germany: Air quality information and forecasts, as well as warnings about the levels of pollutants such as nitrogen dioxides, ozone and particulate matter in European cities will soon be made available in near real-time.

Soon, a new online platform obsAIRve will help local authorities in Europe to inform their citizens about air quality in near real time via PC and mobile devices. For this purpose, the pilot service obsAIRve, funded by the European Commission (EC), is processing air-quality data from the European earth observation programme (GMES, Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) and from 6000 air monitoring stations of national environment agencies.

Working in close cooperation with the environmental authorities of several countries (e.g., Environment Agency Austria, Airparif, DCMR – the Environmental Protection Agency of the Rotterdam area) and with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the obsAIRve consortium has developed a customisable air-quality information service for the public which will also include health-related advice.

To discuss the feasibility of this programme a convention will be held in Hanover on March 9, 2012. High-profile representatives, including the European Commission, the European Environment Agency and industry will take part in the panel discussion at CeBIT 2012.

Source: GAF AG