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Sonera launches map service for mobile phone customers

Finland, 18 April 2006: Sonera has launched a new service for its mobile phone customers to provide the user with clear and easy-to-use route and address information and maps on the mobile phone. Sonera Navigator is equally suited for users moving by car, by bicycle and by foot. A small GPS device connected to the mobile phone shows the user’s current map location on the display. A route from the office to the nearest restaurant, for example, is shown on the phone’s display, and the phone guides the user to the destination by giving voice instructions when to go straight ahead and when to turn.

The service comprises an atlas covering almost the entire Europe. Even in an unfamiliar place, one can easily find a service station or, in case of emergency, the nearest hospital. The service can also be used without a GPS device: although the actual navigation feature cannot be used, the routes and instructions are still clearly indicated on the map displayed on the mobile phone.