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Solution for water supply and drainage networks

US: GE Energy recently announced the release of GE’s Smallworld water office software solution, a suite of data models, applications and integration products designed to help water supply and drainage utilities meet their current and future spatial asset management needs. Smallworld water office’s network model provides structure to meet customer demand for water supply production, transmission and distribution company. It is an addition to GE’s integrated and customisable suite of Smallworld geospatial applications. Its key benefit is that it effectively lowers the cost of ownership for any utility by eliminating the need to develop, test and maintain a complex collection of applications and interfaces.

According to the company, the software solution shortens the design phase of development projects by up to 80 per cent, thereby lowering implementation timeframes, lifecycle and maintenance costs. The built-in workflow manager allows users to manage their internal workflow and approval processes, which can lead to significant reductions in administrative costs. Smallworld water office‘s outage management feature provides outage capture, analysis and reporting to effectively diagnose potential system instability. Moreover, its call-before-you-dig capability improves operational efficiency by providing real-time information on network infrastructure, greatly increasing the safety and security of the utility system.

Source: Water Online