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Solution for vegetation clearance problems

US: Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS), Aerotec, LLC and Laser Technology, have created a joint vegetation management solution designed to allow utility foresters to easily use GPS to identify and locate conductor-vegetation clearance problems much faster and more accurately than current alternative methods.

Aerotec created the electric power transmission right-of-way vegetation management application to run on Topcon’s GRS-1 hand-held GPS receiver with data input from Laser Technology’s laser rangefinder.

Jim Dow, CEO of Aerotec, said, “Our goal is two-fold. Not only do we increase the level of accuracy and completeness of the forester’s initial LiDAR violation inventory but with Topcon’s GRS-1, we put the tool and the solution directly into the hands of the forester for subsequent in-the-field inspections – thus vastly extending and increasing the value and benefits derived from the initial LiDAR violation inventory work.”

By taking LiDAR data results to the field, the vegetation management solution is designed so users can accomplish tasks including:
– Inventory quality assurance LiDAR violations;
– Specify violations that need immediate attention;
– Audit completed fieldwork;
– Perform follow-up inspections throughout succeeding years of the management cycle; and
– Handle customer and regulatory issues either in the field or office.

Barbara McInerney, TPS product marketing manager, said, “By combining strengths, the three companies are able to present a vegetation management solution that offers significant benefits. With an in-depth team knowledge of user requirements for electric power transmission applications and specialised software development capabilities, we expect that this vegetation management solution will quickly become the leading standard for this growing industry.”

Source: Topcon