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Solution for PDF printing from ArcIMS applications

Dayton, USA, December 7, 2006 – Printing in GIS Web mapping applications from an Internet browser has always been a challenge. HTML formatted print jobs come out with many surprising results. End-users looking for formatted and presentable output from GIS Web mapping applications are usually sent running for more sophisticated and expensive desktop GIS software in order to get accurate, scalable hardcopy printouts.

Organizations looking for scaled PDF printing from ArcIMS applications now have a solution with Freeance Release 4.2. The newest release of Freeance allows system administrators to easily add custom PDF print layouts to their ArcIMS. Freeance custom PDF print layouts are then presented to end-users in a selection list that allows them to pick and choose which PDF print template to use. Making the PDF printing
even more powerful, Freeance 4.2 allows the end-user to select an exact output scale for the PDF map printout.

Now end-users, such as surveyors, engineers, land records professionals and others, can print accurately scaled maps in PDF format from GIS Web applications. And because these are standard PDF files, they can be saved, e-mailed and printed from any computer without the need for expensive desktop GIS applications.

In addition to scaled PDF printing, Freeance also comes with numerous other plug-and-play features for ArcIMS applications such as enterprise database connections, proximity searches, GPS event mapping, map tips and many more.

Freeance is the low cost, no programming, rapid development GIS Web application builder. Freeance server software costs $7,250 and allows unlimited numbers of applications and end-users. Freeance 4.2 is also compatible with ArcIMS 9.2 and earlier versions.

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