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Sokkia’s B Series features enhanced environmental durability

Singapore: SOKKIA Singapore Positioning Sales (SSPS) released new B series automatic levels – B20, B30 and B40 – that replace the previous lineup of the B and C series. “The new B series automatic levels feature further enhanced reliability under all environmental conditions,” said Mak Poh Fatt, Product Manager of SSPS. “The water protection rate of the B series models has been increased from IPx4 to IPx6. Tough and compact bodies are fully resistant to driving rain and splashing water from all directions. The advanced protection technology also prevents the telescope from fogging or condensing without using nitrogen gas.”

“The optimally designed telescope provides an exceptionally bright and sharp view that reduces operator’s eye strain. An ultra-short focus distance of 20cm (7.9 in.) from the end of telescope is the definite advantage for use in confined locations,” continued Mak.

Further, Mak added, “Four super-high-tensile suspension wires and a magnetic damping system ensure accuracy and stability even when exposed to temperature changes, vibrations or shock. Sokkia’s SDL1X, the world’s highest-precision digital level that provides 0.2mm accuracy, employs the common basic mechanism for its compensator.”

Product Lineup
B20: 32x magnification, 0.7mm accuracy
B30: 28x magnification, 1.5mm accuracy
B40: 24x magnification, 2.0mm accuracy

Diagonal eyepiece
40x eyepiece for B20
Optical micrometer for B20; providing increased accuracy of 0.5mm

Source: Sokkia Singapore