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Soil information service for Ethiopia launched

Ethiopia: The Ethiopian Soil Information Service (EthioSIS) operations team, supported by AfSIS staff, has nearly completed the roll out of the soil surveying teams. They are now heavily focused in supporting Ethiopia’s soil laboratories and turning their attention more and more to the work of concerting raw data into digital soil maps.

The EthioSIS team proposed a “catchment area” model as part of the phasing plan. The model assigns CPs to each processing centre based on geographic distribution.

To date, EthioSIS has trained 38 soil surveyors to use AfSIS survey methods and the surveyors have visited 22 sample sites around the country. The teams have collected more than 4000 soil samples and the samples are now being processed at six processing centres. To offer insight and experience, AfSIS sent two of its senior soil surveyors to Ethiopia in May. The surveyors were embedded with EthioSIS teams for two weeks and concluded their trip with a presentation to the EthioSIS team.

“With the launch of the project, Ethiopia is jumping to the front of the queue in using satellite technology and spectral analysis to create one of the world’s most comprehensive digital soil maps. This is truly an innovative and pioneering endeavour. EthioSIS will help Ethiopians to make informed land use decisions and to better manage our soil resources,” explained Sam Gameda, Director, Soil Health and Fertility, Agricultural Transformation Agency.

EthioSIS will soon begin wet chemistry analysis, receive their spectral equipment and begin the spectral analysis. AfSIS staff will support the efforts with remote consultations and visits to Ethiopia for collaborative training.

Source: Africa Soils