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Software to deploy GIS data to county staff and the public at large

Varion Systems, the software development and value-added reseller division of GeoAnalytics, Inc, has been hired by Pottawattamie County, Iowa to implement both PV.Web and PV.Web Public to deploy GIS data to County staff and the public at large. Varion Systems will initially utilize its Application Service Provider services to host the applications for the County. By summer of this year, Varion Systems will deploy all software within a Linux environment at the County. The project will leverage version 1.11 of both applications, ESRI’s ArcIMS version 4.1, and ArcSDE 8.3. Primary emphasis will be on deploying parcel data and its affiliated tax attributes to the public at-large and County staff. PV. Web puts the power of real GIS in the hands of an entire organization. Built on ESRI’s ArcIMS technology, Intranet users can easily navigate, browse, query, and report on both spatial and non-spatial land information.
PV.Web Public provides a public access portal to GIS data. This high performance, low bandwidth Web solution provides search, query, and reporting capabilities to constituents without sacrificing security or privacy. Varion Systems is a source of best-of-breed, spatially enabled software solutions designed to improve local government business processes. The firm provides applications development and value-added reselling services in the Land Management, Asset Management, and Web-GIS industries. GeoAnalytics is an IT consulting firm that specializes in the planning, design, and implementation of custom, enterprise-level information systems to support client spatial data analysis and decision-making needs. Providing high quality, edge consulting and applications development services to clients in both the public and private sectors, GeoAnalytics offers unique technical capabilities and expertise in Homeland Security, Land Records, Transportation, Business Geographics, and Environmental Management.