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Software for orthorectification of digital imagery OrthoMaster V.1.2.0 released

Inpho GmbH, has announced the latest release of OrthoMaster, advanced software for fast and rigorous orthorectification of digital imagery.

OrthoMaster V1.2.0 comes with extended support for importing and exporting of orientation parameters from other systems, as well as some new image and DTM formats.

The most advanced and unique new feature of this OrthoMaster release is its capability to generate true-ortho images. The true-ortho processing is done in combination with OrthoVista V3.3.0, the worldwide leading software for fully automated colour balancing and image mosaicking.

OrthoMaster V1.2.0 effectively eliminates the relief displacements of man-made objects, such as buildings and bridges, appearing on ortho imagery after a regular orthorectification process. OrthoMaster V1.2.0 includes as a standard feature advanced DTM tools for precise integration of the 3D man-made objects with the basic DTM. The resulting new DTM is then analysed by advanced computation algorithms to detect and fill all the occluded areas with valid image patches from neighbouring imagery.

The software is easy-to-use, highly automated and productive. The seamless, colour-balanced true-ortho mosaics provide the users with highest radiometric and geometric quality. True-orthos are perfect backdrop images in the most demanding CAD/GIS/mapping projects, and excellent source of precise image information in a variety of other applications.