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Snowflake Software releases GO Loader Enterprise Edition

Snowflake Software has announced the availability of the new Enterprise Edition release of GO Loader. GO Loader is Snowflake Software’s product for designing and building Oracle databases from content delivered in Geography Markup Language (GML). GO Loader Enterprise Edition adds to the functionality of GO Loader Standard Edition with specific features designed to make it highly suitable for the very largest of datasets, including national coverage of OS Master Map. Enterprise Edition’s additional features include support for spatial partitioning of database tables (allowing very large data volumes to be rapidly loaded and queried), spatial clustering of data, and loading via Oracle SQL*Loader format for even greater speed (in addition to loading via JDBC). This new release of Enterprise Edition coincides with an upgrade to Standard Edition with both editions now including numerous enhancements and new feature. Enhanced support for advanced features in GML schema, further extending GO Loader’s ability to handle a very wide range of datasets without any customization. Support for feature associations, Improved project management, Improved and extended command line control. Numerous GUI enhancements and a GUI new look and feel, Support for feature archiving during change only update, enabling date based history to be queried and viewed using Oracle views. Support for parallel spatial index builds and Oracle batching Numerous performance improvements.. GO Loader provides easy to use graphical interfaces that guide the user through all aspects of the database lifecycle covering: logical and physical data modelling, table creation, partitioning, data load, indexing and archiving. GO Loader is unique in the fact that its a generic GML tool that works with any GML2.1 schema without requiring software change or reliance on bespoke lookup files for any new GML datasets. As well as being a generic GML tool, GO Loader is the ideal choice for OS MasterMap users as it includes specific support for duplicate removal, change only update and feature archiving. GO Loader supports all current OS MasterMap layers and due to its generic nature won’t need upgrading for any future layers or new GML datasets.