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Snowflake demonstrates compatibility with new OGC standard

Hampshire, UK: A team from Snowflake Software has successfully demonstrated the first practical implementation of the upcoming OGC WFS-T 2.0 specification within the aviation strand of the OGC OWS-7 testbed.
Web Feature Service
Working onto real life flight dispatch scenarios (disruption due to volcanic ash and snow), Snowflake effectively demonstrated the powerful capability of GO Publisher to retrieve and update data in real-time via web services. Deployed in a secure, distributed IT infrastructure where interoperability and on demand, 24/7 performance are key, Snowflake’s GO Publisher was used to serve aeronautical (AIXM 5.1) and weather (WXXM 1.1) data to dispatchers and pilots in real-time.

Snowflake also demonstrated the flexibility and productivity of GO Loader to transform and load aeronautical and weather data provided in a wide range of schema to produce a single authoritative aeronautical data store which underpinned the project.

Melissa Burns, Marketing Manager, Snowflake Software, said, “The additional features that the new standard adds to GO Publisher means that users can perform temporal or stored queries on the data in real-time, enhancing the web service for end users – something many organisations rely on for operational effectiveness and business continuity.”

The full results have been published by the OGC, as well as a set of informative videos to support the findings of the testbed.

The OGC have also announced they would be holding webinars to present the results.

Source: Snowflake