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SNIP project to strengthen Peru’s space presence

Peru: With the National Public Investment System (SNIP) project, Peru’s National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development (CONIDA) aims to enhance its presence in the domain of earth-observation satellites, larazon.com.pe reported.

According to the report, Chilean satellites can provide images with 1.5 meters resolution for civilian purpose and upto 40 centimetres for military purpose. However, Chilean space programme is 19 years old and Peru’s space programme is just five years old.

CONIDA chief, Juan Enrique Barriga Pasco, observed that with these capabilities the Chilean system is a threat to Peru’s national security because it can monitor the movement of people, ships, troops, buildings, crops, etc. The only way to counter this situation is develop similar system in Peru.

Pasco said that the SNIP project is near completion and Ministry of Defence will lead the next step. It is in charge of selection and acquisition strategies. The ministry would have to explain the government that what type of system should be purchased and what should be the mode of acquisition. He concluded that Peru advancing steadily in this project of having a earth-observation satellite.

Source: www.larazon.com.pe