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SmpMapX, GIS & Mapping Engine released by TRIUS

Companies looking for an inexpensive, simple-to-use, but sophisticated and powerful GIS/Mapping engine will greatly benefit from this new mapping tool – SmpMapX.

Developed by TRIUS, Inc., SmpMapX is centered on a Windows Active-X control, and reflects over 15 years of experience TRIUS, Inc. has acquired, in developing mapping and other graphics and analytical applications. With 100s of Windows APIs and many of the end-user interface components already part of the control, developers can put together GIS/Mapping applications literally, in minutes!

MID/MIF, SHP/DBF, compact TXF/TDB (TRIUS native) data formats, as well as raster (.BMP, .GIF, .JPG and .DEM) image files are transparently supported, both in Connect-and-Play or Load modes to optimally accommodate CPU and/or RAM intensive applications.

Totally object based, in addition to the standard rendering modules, it incorporates a full set of CAD primitives, a rule-based styler/shader, a sprite-type object for moving map displays, and many other features expected in products costing many times more.