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SMC sells first batch of satellite imagery

South Africa: Southern Mapping Company (SMC) sold its first batch of high resolution satellite imagery. Imagery was acquired from Digital Globe’s Worldview 2 satellite over some 6500km2 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to assist with mineral exploration and railway route planning. The Worldview 2 satellite captures imagery in up to 8 multispectral bands at the highest resolution currently available from commercial spacecraft – 50cm.

Norman Banks, Business Director for SMC, said, “We have a distribution agreement with the satellite operator, Digital Globe, which allows us to provide cost effective solutions from this technology. They supply the data to us as individual images and our processing department ortho-rectify and mosaic the images in house”.

The satellite image products allow SMC to expand its product offerings to accommodate the growing complexity of client requests.

Source: Southern Mapping Company